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12th Apr 2020

Tate Talks - Episode 19, Hour 2

In this hour, Jason Tate highlights some heros that have risen during this time of global quarantine due to COVID-19 coronavirus and in this week’s “Empty Your Cup” he shares a mindful thought and performs a gentle meditation and breathing technique to calm the mind and body. Also in this hours, answers to common questions with regard to COVID-19 and the food you eat; is it safe to order from restaurants? Delivery? Raw vs cooked foods? In this week’s “Here’s To your Health”, Jason shares a delicious recipe for fresh berries with coconut raspberry cream.

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Tate Talks
Health & Wellness Talk
Jason Tate is an award-winning wellness expert in the Coachella Valley, accomplished professional speaker, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and a 15-year veteran science educator in health and the biological sciences. Tate Talks offers a fresh perspective on how to live your best life as Jason Tate uses his extensive training and background in the biological sciences, mind-body medicine, nutrition, and exercise science to provide a diverse extension of his classroom to the listeners through iHub Radio Sundays from 12 noon to 2 pm Pacific Time. Well known throughout the health and wellness community in the Coachella Valley, as well as having contacts across the nation, Jason Tate will feature many guests on the show to talk about topics in health & wellness so the listeners are provided with the tools and knowledge to make the necessary changes to live optimally with the goal of preventing and even reversing many of the chronic diseases that plague society today.

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